Dance Dress Code

PreBallet & Beginning Ballet Girls:
Pink leotard; short, pink chiffon ballet skirt; plain white tights; pink ballet shoes. Hair up in a ballet bun on head. Absolutely NO net skirts or tutus.
*Pre-Ballet: Ages 3 - 4     *Beg. Ballet: Ages 4 - 5

Ballet Girls Levels K - 6th:
Black leotard; short black ballet skirt (must be mid-thigh, no longer); white or light pink tights; pink ballet shoes.
HAIR MUST BE back in a TIGHT bun from face; short hair MUST BE PULLED BACK from face with a headband or clips.

Ballet Girls Levels A / B / C:
Black leotard with white or pink tights and a short black ballet skirt (must be mid-thigh, no longer); pink ballet shoes.
White or pale pink leotard with black footless tights and a short black ballet skirt (must be mid-thigh, no longer); pink ballet shoes

Ballet Boys:
Black dance pants or black tights; plain white T-Shirt; white ankle socks; black ballet shoes.

Jazz & Tap Girls:
Any colored leotard; jazz pants or dance shorts; dance shirts. NO stomachs showing. Jazz shoes or sneakers. Black or tan tap shoes. Hair in ponytail or clipped back from face.

Jazz & Tap Boys:
Jazz pants or shorts; shirt; jazz shoes or jazz sneakers. Black Tap shoes.
Class Requirements
- Students in Preschool through Grade 6th are required to take ballet as a core class.
- Preschool students are offered only ballet to begin their dance training.
- Students in Ballet K and up are allowed to enroll in Jazz and Tap classes in addition to their ballet class.
- Students in grades 7th and up are allowed to take Jazz and/or Tap without the mandatory ballet class. HOWEVER, ballet is strongly encouraged to continue to strengthen a dancers overall technique in all styles of dance.
- Ballet students begin pointe at the 7th grade level and only at the invitation of the Artistic Director. The 90 minute ballet class is required as a core class in addition to the secondary pointe class.

Class Options
- Students in any level may take an under level class in addition to their placed level class as a technique builder at no extra cost. Futhermore, they may perform with the underclass in the Spring Dance Concert.
- With the permission of the Artistic Director, students may take the next level class up as an added opportunity for development. Tuition WILL be charged for this class.
-Private Lessons are offered grades 4-12. Grades 4-7 will be assigned to Mrs. Haupt's availability. Grades 8-12 will be assigned to Mrs. Anderson's availability.
-Students may not join Jazz and/or Tap 2nd semester without the consent of the Artistic Director.  
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