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Registration Information

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2023-2024 Class Registration:

Welcoming New & Returning Students

For enrollment contact:

Enrollment Closing January, 25th 


 Print & Mail:  (strongly recommended for returning students)  

             Print registration form for each dancer &

                 complete information fields. 

              Mail form & Registration Fee to Ballet Arts                        Center, P.O.Box 270, Farmington, MO 63640

Registration Process:

1) Registration Form  

 *You may complete the Registration Card in advance

2) Release Form *completed at BAC

3) Registration Fee $25.00 per dancer (Registration fee is non-refundable)

4) Receive class placement and schedule

5) Dress code requirements

Monthly Tuition

30 Minute Class per week -- $47 per month

45 Minute Class per week -- $52 per month

60 Minute Class per week -- $57 per month

Payment Options: Cash or Check, or Electronic Payment thru QuickBooks Statement. The Electronic Payment will have an added fee of 3% this being the convenience fee charged by the service provider. 


Registration Fees, Production Fees, Tuition and Dance Costumes are Non-Refundable 

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