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Ballet Arts Center

Founded in 1979 by Director, Kimberly Gavin Anderson, the Ballet Arts Center is devoted to excellence in dance education.  We are a Performing Arts School with the Fine Art emphasis on Classical Ballet. 

We are inspired by the strength and structure of the classics; to that, we combine the innovation of 

new dance styles and contemporary music in Jazz and Tap classes.

At the Ballet Arts Center, we recognize that we are not just teaching dance, but that within the dance school environment, we are developing young personalities to be disciplined, focused, and artistically intuitive.  

We encourage consideration of others and the group, rather than focusing on individuals in a "star" type system.

Class Options

- Students in any level may take an under level class in addition to their placed level class as a technique builder at no extra cost. Futhermore, they may perform with the underclass in the Spring Dance Concert.

- With the permission of the Artistic Director, students may take the next level class up as an added opportunity for development. Tuition WILL be charged for this class.

-Students may not join Jazz and/or Tap 2nd semester without the consent of the Artistic Director.   

Class Requirements

- Students in Preschool through Grade 6th are required to take ballet as a core class.

- Preschool students are offered only ballet to begin their dance training.

- Students in Ballet K and up are allowed to enroll in Jazz and Tap classes in addition to their ballet class.

- Students in grades 7th and up are allowed to take Jazz and/or Tap without the mandatory ballet class. HOWEVER, ballet is strongly encouraged to continue to strengthen a dancers overall technique in all styles of dance.

- Ballet students begin pointe at the 7th grade level and only at the invitation of the Artistic Director. The 90 minute ballet class is required as a core class in addition to the secondary pointe class.

Dance Dress Code

Ballet Dress Code Girls:

     - Hair:  All hair pulled up to a tight ballet bun (A Ponytail twist is not acceptable)

     - PreSchool:  Soft Pink Leotard with attached chiffon skirt (NO tutu) / White Tights / Light Pink Ballet Shoes - NO Footless Tights! 

     - Level K thru Level 3:  Soft Pink Leotard (Bloch #CL5607) or (Bloch #5602) or (Bloch #CL5605) or Capezio (#CC201C) or Capezio (#TB132C) 

Black Ballet Skirt - Black chiffon, mid-thigh length 

White Tights - NO Footless Tights!  Light Pink Ballet Shoes

     - Level 4 thru Level 6:  Black Leotard / Black Ballet Skirt - black chiffon, mid-thigh length / White or Light Pink Tights - NO Footless Tights / Light Pink Ballet Shoes


     - Level A - B - C:  Options:  Black Leotard / Short Black skirt 

White or Light Pink Tights - NO Footless Tights / Light Pink Ballet Shoes

*Last week of each month you may wear colors of your choice*

Ballet Boys:

Black dance pants or black tights; plain white T-Shirt; white or black ankle socks; white or black ballet shoes.


Jazz & Tap Girls:

Any colored leotard; jazz pants or dance shorts; dance shirts. NO stomachs showing. Jazz shoes or sneakers. Black or tan tap shoes. Hair in ponytail or clipped back from face.


Jazz & Tap Boys:

Jazz pants or shorts; shirt; jazz shoes or jazz sneakers. Black Tap shoes. 

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